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Everyone will know that you put thought and effort
in to the promotional product, corporate gift, or
commemorative when you have it created by
Meridian Metal Works.

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About Us

Meridian Metal Works is the promotional products division of Bergamot Brass Works, The Fine Art Foundry. Bergamot has
been in the decorative metal casting business for almost 40 years, with a 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility
located in Wisconsin and 120 very talented employees. Bergamot has a vast wholesale/retail products division and
an automotive accessories line.

Meridian's focus is on the creation, development and production of fully custom corporate gifts, awards, and
promotional merchandise that exceeds the expectation level of the recipient. We are consistently recognized as the
    premier manufacturer of high relief, custom castings in the world and the splendid products we craft every day serve to reinforce that concept.

    Meridian entered the ASI arena in 1998 (asi/70653). Since then, this division has been awarded a variety of PPAI Suppliers Golden
    Achievement Awards for quality and service to our customers. With a flexible pricing spectrum, design and engineering prowess, quality
    products with high perceived value, on-time delivery and outstanding customer service, Meridian is an innovative, reliable constant in an
    ever-changing world.

Isn't this exactly what you're looking for from a Supplier?

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